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العاب مربية الاطفال

قومى بمساعدة الام نيكول فى الاعمال التى تدور بالمنزل مع اول طفل لها يمكنكى مساعدتها فى تغيير الحفاضة للطفل واعطائة الالعاب والرضعة بعد تجهيزها ولا تنسى الام وحالتها الصحية قومى بطهى الطعام والنوم لكى تكتمل الصورة

اللعب عن طريق  الماوس

Game at home Nicole

Nicole wants to become the best mom in the world by taking care of her baby and the home perfectly. You have to take care of your baby, feed her, change her diapers, play with her and try to keep her joyful. You also have to take care of your house, feed yourself and keep everything clean. Use your mouse to interact with everything. Keep a look on both of your and baby’s happiness meter, and also your fatigue meter. You will lose the game if those meters deplete, so play accordingly and help Nicole to be the best mom

control:  mouse

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